SOON TO BE ANNOUNCED is a creative system.

STBA is composed of multidisciplinary individuals that leverage their different backgrounds and collaborate across their shared ideas. This ethos means that designs are ever-evolving and don't adhere to classic 'brand' principles or a single framework. As a result, the brand narrative develops alongside the team's collective ideation. This transition creates space for STBA's community to shift with them.

The team keeps things in-house. Birthed in the studio, ideas flow from the intersection of visual research and studies into service as a value system. These are then developed in the on-site production facility, which creates an arena for limitless research and testing.

The freedom to study and operate under a theory that channels a multitude of 'ultimate' approaches leaves STBA open to an endless variety of outcomes. Nothing is predefined – products and collections are continuously evolving to create new connections within an inclusive and collaborative environment.